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2016 MacBook Pro –Deciding on an Upgrade

Have you seen Apple’s new MacBook Pro? Did you order one when it was announced? Are you waiting for the reviews to come out to make sure it is the machine for you? Is this too many questions to start a review of the most recent MacBook Pro? If you have read this far, the answers to most of the questions is…”probably…”

I have to admit that I was one of those who had some misgivings about the newest addition to the Apple portable line-up. I watched the entire launch event and started to feel that maybe I missed something. Maybe, they announced something that I missed when I stepped out of the room. After reviewing the news and looking at the other tech blogs, it was apparent that I was not alone in the hopes of something different. Something different from what was announced was a hope of many people as the criticisms were plentiful.

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Amazon Prime Perfect for the Impatient

Signing up for Amazon Prime has been a great asset to our company and household. Many times, you think of buying something online and convince yourself that by the time you get it, it will be later than if you went down to the local store and purchased it. Amazon Prime helps with that. Recently, we thought of purchasing some books at our local bookstore. Then the thought hit us...What if they did not have the title? Of course they would offer to order the titles. However, the hassle of organizing the time and the children to visit the store would be daunting, especially if the title was not in stock. Now, if we could look up the title online, pay for it, and have it waiting at the store within the hour...well, that is a different post...

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