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The OS of the Future...Mi Apploohoo

The wave of the future is here, ladies and gentleman, the new software that will run everything from your lamps to your will set your alarm clock and start your stove for a pancake parody breakfast that was supposed to be big in the early part of the century...It is Mi Apploft...Two of the best names in technology eventually merged and became one to run the home of the future...future...future...

OK, OK, while this is a far cry from the one source for making the home of tomorrow a home of today, the Mac has been named the only computer to run all available operating systems, or at least all of the top operating systems. It has also been named as the fastest Vista machine. What is this world coming to...? What will the future bring? Why would we need to run Windows on a Mac? The answer is to another question, yet relates to this idea, because we can...

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