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Patient App Purchasing - The Holidays are Coming

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AirPlay This Way


So, AirPlay has been around for a while now, ever since the Apple TVir 2 arrived in fact. Since I received an Apple TV 2 from my wife and children for Christmas last year, I have been able to experience the wonder that is AirPlay. Since we have other iDevices, this feature has been a perfect companion. There have been a few times when I wanted to have an AppleTV connected to the other tvs in the house. So, for those wondering what AirPlay is...It is the ability to start a video or picture on a device with a smaller screen and send it wirelessly to the AppleTV which is usually connected to a bigger screen. You are probably asking why it has taken me so long to write about it. Well, I am glad you asked...since we do have the one Apple TVir, it wasn't always available for immediate use. The device is in our home office. Since I am only there when doing some work or writing articles, I don't always remember to use it for this purpose. Most of the time, I use it to play Netflix videos or videos from iTunes. With the recent addition of being able to play previously purchased tv shows and Vimeo with the iOS 4.3 update, I have tried to take more time to appreciate the additions. What this also means is old features become more evident.

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iPad - To Print...Or, Maybe Something Like That

While printing is not something we do often, it is a necessity that has become a challenge with the iPad. There are times that a picture or an email needs to be printed. Coupons to local restaurants or images of the little ones are all items I can access on the iPad...however, I can not print them easily. Having gone through the days of an Apple II and random Dos programs, I truly understand the pain of finding the right driver. However, printer manufacturers have gotten better and more precise with the functionality of their hardware and software. Yes, they are still not perfect. They are better. The challenge is not with drivers these days it is with the simple fact that it does not print itself.

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iPad - Alternative Media Player

Well, it has been a little over 2 weeks now with the iPad. I have noticed some small things that I hope Apple addresses with a software update. While the rest of this story will focus on the the iPad functions, there are a few things that slightly different than expected. The volume rocker is on the opposite side of the device compared to the iPhone. Using both, I find myself pressing the other side of the device for one or the other. The case is nice for typing and propping up the iPad. However, it gets little particles of random specs underneath the cover and the only way to clean it is to take the cover off completely. I may end up using the cover when I travel and take off the cover when I read a book or comic.

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iPad in Review -Week 1

There are many reasons out there why the iPad is the best new technology out there and even more postings on what it lacks as a personal computer. Well, reality is that it can be and is both a ingenious invention and short of what we think of as a personal computer. The interesting thing is that it is different. Those who praise the iPad have every right to express this joy. Those that criticize it, have the right to do so....however, I am not sure these individuals are critiquing the device itself. Rather, they are reacting to something they may have had in the past or what they wanted instead of the iPad.

OK, enough of the philosophical...I'll be honest, this post has sat in a cue for a while. There are too many areas of the iPad that deserve to "go first." However, I think I will start with what I have used most...web browsing...

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iPad...Arriving Not Soon Enough

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