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Lion has entered the building...

That's right, we've joined the over 1 million people who downloaded and installed the new Apple OS, Lion. This time, even though I downloaded it very late on the day it was released, I waited a day before installing it. I didn't want it to take up too much of my time like most upgrades do. So, after dinner, I opened the Mac App Store and clicked the $29.99 Price button...I switched to the purchased tab to watch the download progress...At first it indicated over 3 hours on the wireless connection. So, I moved the machine upstairs and connected directly to the router...still over 2 hours. Thank goodness the MacBook Pro has a long battery life. There was no need to watch the download, so I went about the normal nightly routine.

Close to 2 1/2 hours later, the download was complete. Since it was too late, I decided to wait and make sure most of the programs I had were actually working with Lion. So, I followed the instructions from TUAW to create a boot disc and shut down. I had backed up and updated all I could for Snow Leopard earlier that day, so it was set and time to rest.

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