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The BlackBerry Z10 display and camera features and review


Even though the device is mostly plastic, it felt solid and comfortable to hold. Looking at the device from a little further away, it resembled a thicker iPhone. However, the lack of a home button and the addition of a silver speaker grill set it apart. The glass screen was responsive to touches whether from an index finger or thumb.

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Sony Xperia Ion on AT&T takes good pictures for a phone


The Sony Xperia Ion on AT&T is a great camera phone. After using the device for close to a week, the most impressive feature turned out to be the camera. At $99.99 with a two-year, AT&Tagreement, this might be a decent option for those who enjoy taking pictures on the go.

The Xperia Ion has a 12-megapixel, fast capture camera with a quick launch feature. The device has a dedicated camera button along the right side and allows the Xperia Ion to go from standby to picture mode in a very short time. This was a favorite feature, especially when capturing the fun things children do on vacation. Photos were crisp and colors were bright.
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AT&T Tilt Camera

So, I was in a strategy session in which we used a white board to put our thoughts together and share. This worked well during the meeting, but we had to leave the room and the white board behind...

Enter the 3.0 megapixel camera on the Tilt...instead of trying to scribble down the details, I took out my phone, pushed the camera button, took a picture with one click, and went back to my office area. Using the wireless option, I transferred the photo to my laptop and inserted it into a Word document. While I did not have to transcibe it since the picture was so clear. And, since the picture was at 3MP, you can zoom in to see the details of some of the smallest type.

This useful component of this great little device, could save time as well as capture those special moments with you little ones. We added a 4 GB micro SD card to store these pictures and the attachments from the various email sources...but that is for another post...

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