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Apple introduces iPhone business section to website

On Friday, April 21st, Apple initiated a new section to it’s website labeled iPhone in Business. This area is broken down into five different categories: iPhone at Work, Integration, Apps for Business, Profiles and Resources. Each have a unique way of showing businesses how the iPhone is the tool employees need.

The iPhone at Work page showcases the many ways the iPhone can be used every day at work. From managing tasks to keeping in touch and staying connected, Apple provides tips and videos on how the iPhone can be the device that makes work life easier.

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Verizon releases Q1 2012 results – iPhones make up over half of smartphone sales

On Thursday, April 19th, Verizon issued their Q1 2012 earnings results, showing double-digit earnings growth and increased operating cash. During the call, they also shared around 6.3 million smartphones were sold. Of that total, 3.2 million units were iPhones.

iPhone numbers are down from the previous quarters sales of 4.3 million. However, the total is still high considering the iPhone 4S came out around 6 months ago and is still driving a large amount of sales. The iPhone seems to be also helping consumers switch to smartphones with more expensive monthly contracts. Electronista shares that smartphones make up about 72 percent of all Verizon subscription phones.

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