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NFC is a battery problem to be solved


You’ve just purchased that shiny new Android smartphone and want to take advantage of all the features. One of those features is NFC or Near Field Communication. This feature allows you to share information with other, close NFC devices with a simple wave or tap. However, this feature drains your battery greatly.

This is not new news. However, more devices are coming out with this feature enabled. On some of those devices, this feature can be a little challenging to turn off. It is not always on the top of the wireless and network settings like Wi-Fi. It is under “More” on many of the newer Android phones.

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iPhone 4 Battery Life - Cruise on By...

Well, you would never believe it if you iPhone's battery lasted 4 days on a single charge and had close to 30% remaining on the last read that right, 4 days...OK, that's a bit misleading really. You see, we were on a cruise so all radios were shutoff and the phone remained in airplane mode as I listened to pre-downloaded podcasts through the Downcast app, took over 200 pictures using the camera app and Camera+, and I even played Angry Birds every once in a while and looked up some Disney trivia on the WDW Trivia app (this was a good compliment to the Disney Cruise itself). While it was an adjustment not having a constant connection, it was good to not worry about plugging in the phone every night. I simply turned it off every night and back on again in the morning.

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MacBook Air Wrap-Up...For Now

OK, so I have had some great opportunities to use the Air as a standard and daily machine. Instead of separating out items, I decided to wrap up individual topics on the Air at least for now with this post...

* I attended a conference recently where I got tired of taking notes and transcribing them later...So, since the MacBook Air fit into my portfolio, I brought it with me. I used this wonderful tool the entire conference, from 8 AM to 5 PM two days in a row...I turned off wireless and bluetooth for the majority of the day and used mostly MS Word 2004. I only turned on Bluetooth and used Safari during 2 segments of about 10 minutes each on both days. I entered the notes into Word and closed the cover when I was not taking notes. The battery lasted the entire day and all sessions on each day. There were no outlets close, so plugging in was not an option. The battery can last, it just needs limited usage and manual power management of closing the cover when not using it.

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MacBook Air Battery Life

It happened...yes, you guessed it, over 5 hours of battery life on the MacBook Air...Yes, you read that correctly OVER 5 hours...with Bluetooth off, iTunes open and no activity for over an hour...with display set to sleep at 3 minutes, and computer set to sleep after 15 minutes, the battery meter was at 75% after 2 hours...Upon returning to it, browsing the internet, checking email, downloading podcasts, and writing this posting...I hit the over 5 hour mark...

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