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Asus EEE...xcellent Performance and Fit

As we searched over and over for a way to play Netflix movies using either our MacBook Pro or the Air, we came up far short of the excellent streaming that we were seeing on our Vista Machine. While Netflix is not the subject of this rambling, it is the cause.

We debated whether or not to move the Vista machine in the office to the family room. Due to the size of the box and that fact that we actually use it for keeping track of finances and business ventures, moving the large computer did not make much sense. So, we considered the alternatives...

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MacBook Air - Oh What to VMware

OK, I have to admit that this post is a bit of a hesitation. I wrote a while ago about my not so pleasant experiences with Parallels and the MacBook Air...see MacBook Air, Parallels...I hear that not only is Parallels running better, but they have a version specifically for the Air. I hear that, but will not try it at this point.

I have installed VMware Fusion the Beta 2 version on the Air about 1 month ago...and, even after one complete update, it is still performing extremely that I write this, it will, of course, stop working and revert to more corrupted state...kidding. Even if it did, I have two back-ups of previous working versions that I can just copy over...

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OK, so I debated whether to post this or not since I do not have complete specifics or have figured out why XP SP3 would actually slow down our machine...We recently reinstalled everything from the original install disks and went through the painstaking process of updating to SP2 and the various updates over the last 2-3 years or so...It would boot up very quickly...In fact, it was so quick, I thought we did something wrong in the installation and it would crash at any time...It has been running strong for a few months now...that is until we updated it to SP3...

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MacBook Air BootCamp, XP

I had read some very interesting stories around the internet about installing windows on a Mac...some good...others not so good...However, the reports were pretty consistent in that the Macs were the best hardware on which to run Windows. I needed the functionality for work...given some unique working requirements. So, I took the plunge and installed. Now, on day 3, I can honestly say things are stable...I think...

OK, so here are some lessons I learned during the install:
1) Make sure you have enough room on your BootCamp partition because you can not resize it. I started out with 5 GB. After installing Windows XP SP2 (which was an adventure itself, slipstreaming from a previously purchased CD) and adding the 130+ updates, I was left with only about 1 GB. I had not even installed Office applications or other utilities...Resizing was in my future...However, this is not as simple as resizing an Apple partition, even thought it was formated FAT32...This is what I had to do to resize:

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