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Upgrade Or Delay

These days, upgrades are always more frequent than we can afford them to be. With added features, faster processors, and better apps, the new technology is becoming more and more difficult to pass up. The names of the devices are even becoming more exciting...the Skyrocket, Wildfire, Amaze, Galaxy S II, the Transfix...and, those are just the cell phones. With the holiday seasons coming up, can we, should we, resist the urge to "upgrade?"

There are many upgrades that are just new toys. There are others that are needed. Recently, our original MacBook Air had to go in for repair. Since the item needing repair was on a recall list, there is no cost, except for the wait to ship it out and back again. However, it brought up a discussion my wife and I have been having for a couple of months now...when will we upgrade that machine? It has started to show its age and first-of-its-kind technology. Video plays choppy; websites load slower; and, the self-upgrade path is non-existent...2GB of memory is not what it used to be.

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Windows 7 - Had to Have It

Since many people I know have a Windows machine of some sort, I have maintained a couple a Windows machines in the house even after moving to a Mac for my main system. It is not like I didn't really like Windows itself. I actually like editing the registry, working with the newest Office version, and finding efficiencies in memory usage. However, it really got to be too much. I was spending more time with the intricacies of the system than enjoying the technology itself. I also grew increasingly tired of trying to find reliable anti-virus software that wasn't going to increase greatly in cost after the initial term was exhausted. While I decided to move to the Mac OS, I could not give up using Windows.


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Thank you Microsoft for Windows 7!

The title of the post expresses my gratitude to Microsoft and Windows 7... OK, I am not sure you can actually express gratitude to an inanimate object...However, Windows 7 has enabled us to save money on a new system. We have had Windows 7 now for almost a year and have been happy with the system. It was originally going to be on the computer in the home office which was about 3 years old at the time we received the upgrade. However, after contemplating energy usage on that larger box and finding a better set up for the home office, we decided to put the Windows 7 upgrade on the EEE box which the children use. It has made life easier and less cluttered.

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