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Review of the Nokia Lumia 900 available on AT&T


At the beginning of April, Nokia released the Lumia 900, a new Windows Phone. The Lumia 900 is a 4G LTE network device offered on AT&T for $99.99 with a 2-year contract. Recently, I had the chance to review the device and use it on the AT&T Nashville network.

There were a number of features that make this a great device. The 4.3 inch AMOLED ClearBlack glass screen is clear, bright, and about the right size for everyday use. At .45 inches thick, it is slightly thicker than the iPhone 4S (.37 inches). However, it feels very comfortable and solid to hold while checking email and using it as a phone. At 5.6 ounces, I never felt the Lumia 900 would slip out of my hand while taking it out of my pocket.

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