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AT&T ready for Isis launch


Photo Courtesy of AT&T

Yesterday, November 14, Isis, a mobile wallet solution, launched for Android smartphones and AT&T was ready for devices to use this service on their network. Using a secure SIM card, customers can make payments, receive special offers, and redeem loyalty cards at participating merchants.

AT&T indicated that this service is enabled on 19 different smartphones that support Near Field Communication (NFC) and are able to use Isis Mobile Wallet. You can check which phones are ready for Isis on AT&T's website. AT&T will also accept Isis payments in company owned stores. This means customers can pay for devices and accessories by simply tapping their phone on a point-of-sale terminal.

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Verizon offering Isis Mobile Wallet on Android smartphones


As Isis Mobile Wallet launched nationwide on November 14, Verizon Wireless was ready to support the service on 15 Android smartphones within their system. Isis Mobile Wallet uses near-field communication (NFC), a technology that allows a smartphone to securely and easily transmit information to a payment terminal.

“Isis Mobile Wallet is the next revolutionary feature for your smartphone, changing how you shop in the same way camera apps forever changed how you snap and share pictures, or how Google Maps changed how you navigate in your car,” said Jerry Fountain, president for Verizon Wireless in Carolinas and Tennessee. “But Isis is more than just a convenient way to pay. Security and identity theft are major concerns for most consumers, and Isis builds an extra layer of protection around your transactions.”

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NFC is a battery problem to be solved


You’ve just purchased that shiny new Android smartphone and want to take advantage of all the features. One of those features is NFC or Near Field Communication. This feature allows you to share information with other, close NFC devices with a simple wave or tap. However, this feature drains your battery greatly.

This is not new news. However, more devices are coming out with this feature enabled. On some of those devices, this feature can be a little challenging to turn off. It is not always on the top of the wireless and network settings like Wi-Fi. It is under “More” on many of the newer Android phones.

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