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Shareable rollover data coming to AT&T


During this week of announcements, AT&T shared that it will be bringing back rollover data beginning January 25. This rollover feature will vary from past AT&T concepts and be different from the recent T-Mobile rollover plans. All new and current AT&T Mobile Share Value customers will automatically receive the Rollover Datafeature at no additional cost.

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AT&T improves Next 24 plan with more ways to save


At the AT&T Consumer Industry Analyst Conference, AT&T announced some good changes to the AT&T Next 24 plan. With bill credits for new customers, discounts on a smartphone’s monthly line access charge, plus $0 down, customers may save more money compared to what they pay today. The new plan will begin November 9.

AT&T Next is available for new, qualified AT&T customers or existing customers who are upgrade eligible. AT&T Next is available for any current smartphone on AT&T selection. The interest-free device installments range from $10 to $50 a month, depending on the device selected.

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