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MacBook Air - Oh What to VMware

OK, I have to admit that this post is a bit of a hesitation. I wrote a while ago about my not so pleasant experiences with Parallels and the MacBook Air...see MacBook Air, Parallels...I hear that not only is Parallels running better, but they have a version specifically for the Air. I hear that, but will not try it at this point.

I have installed VMware Fusion the Beta 2 version on the Air about 1 month ago...and, even after one complete update, it is still performing extremely that I write this, it will, of course, stop working and revert to more corrupted state...kidding. Even if it did, I have two back-ups of previous working versions that I can just copy over...

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MobileMe is Meshing With Me

While the great 3G iPhone did not lure me in (yet) and cause me to spend even more on a device I really need to use less, I was looking forward to the enhancements to MobileMe. All I should be saying is I can now backup most of my current pictures in the cloud...however, I will add that I have been greatly disappointed.

You can sync calendars...but only Outlook and iCal...even though I have iCal subscribing to my GMail calendar, it will not include that sync...And, of course, now that I moved from Outlook on our lone PC to Windows Live Mail, no consistent and supported calendar is available...So, no appointments made easy...

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Up, Up, and Hopefully Not Away...Full Cloud Computing - Are We Ready for It?

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