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Shop locally for holiday technology

If you are still looking for that technology gift for someone close, there are still many devices out there worth considering. Whether you are considering a tablet, Bluetooth audio device, battery backup, or online service, there are still opportunities to find products in stores. With Christmas coming on Tuesday, you will have the weekend to hunt for your devices locally.

The iPad mini is a very worthy device for those looking to read, play games, and browse the web on a tablet. The iPad mini feels fairly snappy. Simple games such as Angry Birds or Tiny Wings did not miss a beat. Each app loaded as quickly as you would expect form an iPad. Browsing the web was just as fluid as on an iPhone or previous iPads. Using the multi-touch gestures to swipe through apps and close them felt comfortable and quick. The iPad mini can be found at numerous retail locations besides the Apple Store.

Photo Courtesy of Apple, Inc.

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Jabra Drive is a nice and simple Bluetooth speakerphone

Photo Courtesy of AT&T

If you are looking for a simple Bluetooth speakerphone device, the Jabra Drive may be a good choice for you. The device is available at many online retailers and AT&T stores for $59.

With many states requiring drivers to go handsfree, Bluetooth devices are growing. The Jabra Drive is a simple device that clips on to your visor and is ready to go when you are. Pairing is simple and easy with almost any modern phone. In fact, it automatically enters pairing mode when turned on for the first time.

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