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BlackBerry Q10 where traditional meets touch


The BlackBerry Q10 arrived in AT&T stores on June 21. It is available online and at local retail outlets stating at $199.99 with a new two-year contract. If you are a fan of the BlackBerry because of the keyboard, you’ll want to check out the Q10. If you are business customer who is locked into the BlackBerry universe, the Q10 is your next option.

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BlackBerry Z10 interface and keyboard are a welcome update


The BlackBerry Z10 was recently released and provided a much-needed update to the BlackBerry line. The Z10 is available on AT&T for $199.99 with a new two-year agreement. If you are a business user who enjoys the BlackBerry ecosystem and are looking for clear calls on the AT&T network, this is a great update.

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The BlackBerry Z10 display and camera features and review


Even though the device is mostly plastic, it felt solid and comfortable to hold. Looking at the device from a little further away, it resembled a thicker iPhone. However, the lack of a home button and the addition of a silver speaker grill set it apart. The glass screen was responsive to touches whether from an index finger or thumb.

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BlackBerry Z10 apps and battery usage

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Another RIM executive resigns

According to Reuters, RIM’s Chief Legal Officer, Karima Bawa announced her resignation Monday, May 28. This is the second announcement of its kind in as many weeks.

Bawa helped defend numerous patents and craft many commercial deals for RIM over the last 12 years. According to a statement from RIM, Bawa will remain with the company while a replacement is hired and during a transition period. There was a least one report that indicated Bawa is retiring rather than resigning. Since she is staying on a while, the retirement report may align more closely with her design.

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