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Droid Turbo arriving at Verizon


Photo Courtesy of Verizon Wireless

Verizon announced that the DROID Turbo will be arriving in stores and online beginning October 30. With a few color selections and storage capacities, the DROID Turbo will be available for purchase either with a new two-year agreement or on the Verizon Edge program. Early adopters will also get some extra perks with their new device:

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HTC One M8 available at Verizon


Photo Courtesy of Verizon Wireless

Have you heard about the new HTC One (M8)? It is a nice, new smartphone and is available through Verizon exclusively through April 9. For a limited time, customers can buy the HTC One (M8) at $199.99 with a two-year contract and get a second one free.

The HTC One (M8) is a step up from last year’s model with some adjustments. The One (M8) comes with a great 5-inch Super LCD3 1080p display. Some reviewers have mentioned that the colors look rich and the brightness was good, making pictures, videos, and apps appear crisp.

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Verizon now offering Samsung Galaxy Note Pro


Photo Courtesy of Verizon Wireless

Late last week, Verizon began offering the new Galaxy Note Pro, a new tablet from Samsung. The Galaxy Note Pro starts at $849.99 online and in stores. For a limited time, consumers can purchase the Samsung device for $749.99 with a new two-year activation and add the tablet to a MORE Everything plan for an additional $10 per month.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro comes with a 12.2-inch HD display and weighs only 1.7 pounds. This is slightly heavier and bigger than the original iPad. With many tablets going smaller, the larger size on the Galaxy Note Pro is an interesting move from Samsung.

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The LG G Flex is shaping larger form smartphone possibilities

LG-G-Flex-front-homescreen-300x287 LG-G-Flex-box-300x252

The LG G Flex is a new smartphone with a uniquely curved design. While there are many other large Android phone, the Flex provides a good experience for those looking for something different in their cell phone. It is available in through AT&T stores and online for $299.99 with a new two-year agreement.

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Zaggkeys Flex Keyboard works with iOS and Android


Bluetoooth keyboards are plentiful these days. Tablet keyboards are either too limited or too cramped. If you are looking for a solution that you can use on an iPad, iPad mini, Android tablet, or even an smartphone, you may wish to consider the ZAGGkeys Flex keyboard by ZAGG.

Pairing the ZAGGkeys Flex with an iPad was easy. The iPad did require a code to be entered on the keyboard itself. However, it was as simple as turning on the device and pressing the button on the back for your operating system.

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Samsung Galaxy Mega is larger than large

Samsung-Galaxy-Mega-on-150x144 Samsung-Galaxy-Mega-on-top-of-box-150x141 Samsung-Galaxy-Mega-side-view-150x135

The Samsung Galaxy Mega is a small tablet with phone capabilities. With a few terms being tossed around for a phone this size, the Mega makes a decent alternative for those looking to save some money only buying one device. The device is available now on AT&T for $149.99 with a 2-year contract.

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Hydro Elite arrives at Verizon


Photo Courtesy of Verizon Wireless

Phones today help us with many parts of our lives. They go with us everywhere. If they are damaged due to rain or a drop in a puddle or another pool of water, the device we rely on become useless for sometime. The Hydro ELITE by Kyocera is a new waterproof phone available on Verizon for $99.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement.

The Hydro ELITE by Kyocera is a global-ready 4G LTE Android smartphone. The device comes with a 4.3-inch HD display, which is about middle of the road in size for smartphones today. The device offers protection from blowing rain and immersion in up to one meter of water (3.28 ft.) for as long as 30 minutes.

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New Droids bring new hands-free features


Are you thinking about getting a new smartphone? Maybe, one of the new Droid phones on Verizon would be your preference. These new phones will allow users to make calls and perform other actions using simple voice commands. These are also the first smartphones available under the new Verizon Edge program.

The hands-free technology shows good progress in technology and safety. Each device incorporates Google’s latest approach to voice recognition. The devices seem to recognize the sound of the user’s voice. This approach helps improve responsiveness and minimize interference from other noises.

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The Motorola Moto X is personalizing cell phone design

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LG Optimus G Pro is a large smartphone worth considering


The LG Optimus G Pro is a new, large smartphone available on AT&T. With a 5.5 inch screen, long-lasting battery, and fast processor, the LG Optimus G Pro is a good phablet option for those looking for a quality Android device on AT&T. The LG Optimus G Pro competes nicely with Samsung’s Galaxy Note II.

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