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Amazon updates video streaming app for iOS


Amazon issued an update to their iOS app that allows users with a number of updates. The biggest news is the ability to Airplay content from the app to an Apple TV. Previously, users could only send the audio to the Apple TV. With this update, users can wirelessly stream audio and video from an iOS device to an Apple TV.

The Amazon Instant Video app allows customers to watch videos purchased from Amazon on their iOS device. While all videos must be purchased through a web browser and not through the app, Amazon does allow free streaming of over 40,000 videos to their Amazon Prime customers without purchase or additional cost.

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Amazon and Warner Bros Announce Prime Instant Video Exclusive

On July 20th 2012, announced a licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution to add popular TV shows, including Fringe and The West Wing to Amazon's Prime Instant Video catalog.

With more than 18,000 Prime Instant Videos, Amazon continues to add “fan-favorite” shows to their catalogue. This helps them maintain strong competition with their biggest rival, Netflix, and provides more options for those who wish to cut the cord from cable companies entirely.

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Amazon shares strong first quarter sales results today

Today, April 26, 2012,, Inc. announced strong financial results during the first quarter of 2012. Sales were up 34% to 13.18 billion and beat analyst estimates. This encouraged a 15% increase in stock price during after hours trading.

Amazon shared a few highlights to their success this quarter, reporting nine out of ten top sellers on were digital products. Strong Kindle sales, updates to the Kindle iPad app, in-app purchasing for Android devices, and an expansion of their Prime Instant Video services were key to this quarter’s success.

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Amazon Prime Perfect for the Impatient

Signing up for Amazon Prime has been a great asset to our company and household. Many times, you think of buying something online and convince yourself that by the time you get it, it will be later than if you went down to the local store and purchased it. Amazon Prime helps with that. Recently, we thought of purchasing some books at our local bookstore. Then the thought hit us...What if they did not have the title? Of course they would offer to order the titles. However, the hassle of organizing the time and the children to visit the store would be daunting, especially if the title was not in stock. Now, if we could look up the title online, pay for it, and have it waiting at the store within the hour...well, that is a different post...

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Amazon MP3 Downloads

So, you say that you want an alternative to iTunes...Well, the Amazon MP3 store is a good choice...scratch is a great choice. They have agreements with the major labels that bring you what you like. In fact, every Friday this May, check out the site for special $5 offers on select albums...Listen to some selection below, or check it out for yourself...

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