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Apple celebrates 50 billion App Store downloads

Apple website screenshot

Apple shared through its homepage and on a separate App Store countdown page today, May 15, that is has reached 50 billion app downloads. Details of the person who downloaded the milestone app have not been shared yet. However, Apple indicates the prize winner will be announced soon.

The winner will receive a $10,000 App Store gift card to spend on many more apps. Given the affordability of most apps, the $10,000 will go a long way to reaching the next app download milestone.

The 50 people who downloaded the next 50 apps after the 50 billionth app will receive a $500 App Store gift card. This is a new addition to the app download giveaways. In the past, Apple has recognized only the person with the actual milestone download.

App downloads have seen substantial increases over the last 5 years since the App Store first launch back in 2008. This is a great sign for those developing for mobile. With over 35 billion apps downloaded in less than a year, the Apple App Store is the place to be in a fairly engaged market.

The countdown was started around the 49 billion mark around April 29, according to the official rule page from Apple and took a little over two weeks to reach the milestone download.

For the soon to be announced winners, congratulations. Spend the gift cards well. For those frequent, iOS app downloaders, best wishes on hitting the next milestone.

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