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AT&T trade-in program puts “green” your pocket and helps the environment


Yesterday, May 21, 2012, Jeff Bradley, AT&T Senior Vice President of Devices, shared a new cell phone trade-in program on the AT&T Consumer Blog. The program recycles your old cell phone and provides instant payment to you for qualified cell phones.

AT&T indicated that the devices have a value in being recycled for reusable materials. As part of the environmental impact, AT&T stated that in the last two years, they have collected more than six and a half million cell phones for reuse and recycling.

In regard to the monetary value, consumers averaged more than $80 in recent trade-in trials accordingly to the press release. You can either be paid for your qualified trade-ins via an AT&T promotion card, or you can donate the value of your old devices to Cell Phones for Soldiers.

AT&T offers the following steps for trading in your old devices:

  1. Wipe the personal data from your device, following the steps and restore your device to factory settings.
  2. Bring your old devices in to any company-owned store. We’ll calculate the trade-in value based on make, model and condition.
  3. Choose to use your credit to buy new AT&T wireless products, pay your bill, or donate to AT&T’s supported Cell Phones for Soldiers organization.
For more information, visit your Nashville AT&T store or any in your local area. Find the nearest locations on the AT&T website.

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