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Another RIM executive resigns

According to Reuters, RIM’s Chief Legal Officer, Karima Bawa announced her resignation Monday, May 28. This is the second announcement of its kind in as many weeks.

Bawa helped defend numerous patents and craft many commercial deals for RIM over the last 12 years. According to a statement from RIM, Bawa will remain with the company while a replacement is hired and during a transition period. There was a least one report that indicated Bawa is retiring rather than resigning. Since she is staying on a while, the retirement report may align more closely with her design.

Bawa’s announcement followed that of Patrick Spence, Managing Director of Global Sales. Spence was expected to stay with the company after some initial movement in April. However, with layoffs pending, both chose another career path before seeing the impact of the transition.

With Thorsten Heins at the helm, RIM may be positioning itself for a bigger restructuring the in the near future. Reports seem to be indicating 2,000 to 6,000 jobs could be eliminated at the Ontario based RIM. According to a source reported by AppleInsider, “the layoffs will affect the company's legal, marketing, sales, operations, and human resources divisions.” This would align with the recent resignations.

RIM has been a good resource in the past for businesses. It is hopeful that new devices and a new operating system will help move the company forward. For now, however, RIM is losing money as Apple and Google stay at the top of the smartphone ranks.

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