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AT&T Beam keeps you connected on the go

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The AT&T Beam is a great USB modem that offers fast LTE speeds for an affordable price. The Beam comes with a built-in, small LCD panel that shows signal strength, network type, and data usage right on the device. The AT&T Beam is available on AT&T for $19.99 with a two-year agreement and qualifying monthly data plan.


On Windows machines, the AT&T Beam is very simple to set up. Simply plug in the device to an open USB port and you will be prompted to install AT&T All Access software directly on the device. You don't have to insert a DVD or go to a web page. Following the onscreen steps is easy and you get up and running quickly.

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The AT&T Beam is certified for Windows 8 devices and has the same easy plug, install, and go experience for Windows 7 machines. After installing the software, you can see the status of your connection on the device or through the AT&T All Access application. To connect to WiFi or mobile, simply choose connect in the appropriate area. You are online within a short time. If you are in range of an AT&T WiFi network, you can connect and enjoy unlimited usage without using your mobile data plan.


The speeds on the AT&T LTE network were very good in the Nashville area. Pings came in around 88ms. While this was not as quick as on a wired connection, the download and upload speeds were equal to or better than the home cable connection. The download connections were around 11 Mbps, while the upload came in around 6.41Mbps on the low end and 13.21Mbps.


The AT&T Beam has additional functionality in a microSD card. This has come in handy when USB ports are limited. You do not have to plug in another device while the AT&T Beam is taking up one port. Sliding up the back of the device, you will see room for a microSD card and the SIM card. Slide in the microSD and it is mounted to your device just as a normal USB flash device. It can support up to a 32 GB microSD card.

The AT&T Beam also comes with the ability to use the device as a Mobile Hotspot with little effort. This was nice feature when WiFi was not available and other devices needed an internet connection. This was just as easy as activating the Mobile Hotspot on a cell phone.

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The AT&T Beam is a good solution that offers fast speeds for internet on the go. It is a nice alternative to using the Mobile Hotspot on your cell phone since it does not drain the battery on your cell phone. This is important as we use our cell phones for more and more things these days. The connection was strong in most buildings and areas in and around the Nashville area. Stop by your local AT&T store or find the AT&T Beam online and get connected.

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