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Buying an iPod and Catching the Bug...

When my wife bought her iPod over a year ago, I was a little jealous. Not because of the really cool things she could listen to or do with the iPod, but because she had a gadget that I did not.

So, we bought SLVRs at a great discount from CompUSA. I used it on many airplane trips for work and many car rides to and from work...It wasn't enough. It is a good phone, which I am now using for Jaiku and checking stocks and such online. However, a great music player and such it was not. It has an adapter that is needed to even use headphones. Still, good phone...

It took over a year, but I managed to justify purchasing one myself. It was more like, the right time than a justification. It has been a great "investment". I use it everyday for music, podcasts, and watching those tv shows I missed at night. I listen to podcasts on technology, writing, business ideas, and storytelling...I even throw in there some good Irish Folk music podcasts every now and then.

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