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Windows With Answers

There are many, many sites out there that "talk" about windows and its many variations. There are also many sites out there that are just a waste of bandwidth. It is difficult to determine which ones to trust and which ones you should dismiss. There is one site that I have used and review every couple of days to see if I missed something in my adventures with any version of windows, it is Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows.

Paul writes books, does podcasts, provides reviews and tips for the masses. Most of all, he is a "normal" human being. He plays XBOX 360. He spends time with his children. And, he uses many products he shares. If you have questions about Window products, search Paul's site, read one of his books or blogs, or listen to his podcasts. If you don't find it somewhere there, it may not be worth the adventure.

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