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No iPhone...No worries...

So, you wanted an iPhone...well, maybe you did the right thing by not buying one.

Apple did not upgrade the iPhone to include 3G yet. Having used Edge on a previous phone (Motorola SLVR), I can say that is definitely too slow...I know, I know, it might have been the, not really. iPhone stil slow.

So, this is really not about the iPhone...really. Take advantage of what the iPhone does not bring with the AT&T Tilt. It is a great device that helps you type blog posts like this, get corporate email without driving most IT teams crazy, and gives you touch capability, wifi, a 3 megapixel camera, and yes, Skype. It even has this great little key board...yes, an actual key board...Oh, right, and it is a great phone.

The AT&T Tilt is a great phone that may run retail about $100 less than the iPhone, but look or call about a refurbished model...unlike the iPhone, whose refurbished model is only 50 bucks cheaper, a refurbished model of the AT&T Tilt was about $150...about half of its original price.

So far, after two weeks, more than worth it. More to come, including pictures and specifics on the phone's features.

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