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MacBook Air Ethernet Adapter

OK, so you have heard stories about the one USB port on the MacBook Air...really, I have been using this great device for close to 2 weeks now and have not found any of the challenges others complained about in the first reviews. As mentioned in a previous post, using a simple $12 USB hub without power, I have been able to connect many other devices...As I type this, I am connected through a non-powered, MI USB, 4 port hub with the ethernet adapter, a jump drive, a Wacom Tablet, and an iPod. All working well. Oh, did I mention that I am transferring a 2 GB file and watching Joost...

Again, the only thing that I have found not to work with the non-powered hub has been the SuperDrive. While the MacBook Air is not for everyone, it is still on outstanding product and an even better pleasure to use daily.

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