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MacBook Air Battery Life

It happened...yes, you guessed it, over 5 hours of battery life on the MacBook Air...Yes, you read that correctly OVER 5 hours...with Bluetooth off, iTunes open and no activity for over an hour...with display set to sleep at 3 minutes, and computer set to sleep after 15 minutes, the battery meter was at 75% after 2 hours...Upon returning to it, browsing the internet, checking email, downloading podcasts, and writing this posting...I hit the over 5 hour mark...

I know, I know, I fell asleep a number of times and had very little activity during the first few hours. It has been able to last about 4 hours on standard usage...about 3.5 hours with some video (Joost, mostly)...and about 2.5 hours with "heavy" video (this was a 2 hour iTunes movie and a 30 minute Joost video)...Hey, guess what through, that is better than our older iBook and about the same as our MacBook Pro. The 2.5 hours of "heavy" video with wifi on and going strong with Joost, is also about the same as we get with a portable DVD player...However, we can not check email or edit a Word document on the DVD player while watching the movies.

We have never carried a second battery when traveling...when the battery is running low, we turn it off and recharge it. So, this is acceptable battery life in a smaller package.

I am going to digress a little here...who are these people who feel the need to carry an extra battery? What do they do with their laptops that requires them to need another battery? Do they really use up both batteries? Or, is it that they forget to plug in the device that needs electricity and it becomes an extension of a lazier excuse? There are probably good reasons to have a second battery...however, since my first laptop in the early 90s, I have not bought an extra battery for any laptop. There are some who will say that I am not a power user and would not understand...well, let them say it...I will say they are forgetful and lazy...See, name calling is not becoming, is it...?

The battery life is not a tradeoff with a MacBook Air. It is acceptable and comparable with the other portable computers I have and have used. Enjoy...

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