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Security Now...and Later

When you think about security for your computer, the first thing that ay ome to your mind may be anti-virus software, firewalls, or perhaps infected...when I think about security on a pc, Mac, or Linux, I think about Security Now with Steve Gibson and Leo LaPorte.

Security Now is a weekly podcast that you can download directly from the iTunes podcast store or directly through Leo's website at or a lower bandwidth version at Steve's site GRC. They not only talk about the items you normally think about with computer security, they also use the techniques and tools themselves. The conversation within the podcast goes into more details than you will mostly ever need whether you are a tech youngin' or a codger tech.

I have tried multiple times to just stop listening, but the conversation touches that logical side of my brain, and I am lured back in. Secuirty Now recently went through encrypting your data so that those with less than good intentions could not do anything with it. This was a great and timely topic as I prepare to travel for my day job again and my usb key dangles from my keychain.

Listen, learn, and enjoy...

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