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iPad in Review -Week 1

There are many reasons out there why the iPad is the best new technology out there and even more postings on what it lacks as a personal computer. Well, reality is that it can be and is both a ingenious invention and short of what we think of as a personal computer. The interesting thing is that it is different. Those who praise the iPad have every right to express this joy. Those that criticize it, have the right to do so....however, I am not sure these individuals are critiquing the device itself. Rather, they are reacting to something they may have had in the past or what they wanted instead of the iPad.

OK, enough of the philosophical...I'll be honest, this post has sat in a cue for a while. There are too many areas of the iPad that deserve to "go first." However, I think I will start with what I have used most...web browsing...

I can say that the web browsing experience is great. I have used the iPad for browsing sites everyday since it arrived. From adding content to Story Institute to moving around starting players in Yahoo's Fantasy Baseball, the experience has been positive and simple. Unlike my iPhone, I can see the entire web page without going cross-eyed or straining to see a smaller portion...or, even worse, getting a more limited mobile version. Most of the websites I go to, admittedly do not use too much Flash. So, I haven't missed this "feature." One small, and rather minor annoyance, is the pop-up keyboard. Usually, I like this feature. However, when it pops up after clicking a link while playing Mafia Wars on Facebook, it gets silly. As I started to think about this, and play with this one the iPhone, I realized that is actually may be a flaw in the application itself and not the iPad.

The second feature I use the most is email. It functions about as well as the iPhone version. However, being used to the on a Mac and Outlook on a PC, I really can't wait until the unified inbox arrives...which will not be until Fall...that is slightly annoying itself, however, I digress...the best way I have found to use email is landscape. In portrait mode, you can't see the messages in one of your inboxes as easily as you can in landscape mode. It is very easy to read and reply to email and displays HTML-based email very well.

Well, since the other features do deserve to be first, more posts will follow...speaking of following, here is a little sample of the progression that has occurred since we purchased our first iPod...the picture speaks to more than just my sanity...enjoy...

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