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iPhone 4 Battery Life - Cruise on By...

Well, you would never believe it if you iPhone's battery lasted 4 days on a single charge and had close to 30% remaining on the last read that right, 4 days...OK, that's a bit misleading really. You see, we were on a cruise so all radios were shutoff and the phone remained in airplane mode as I listened to pre-downloaded podcasts through the Downcast app, took over 200 pictures using the camera app and Camera+, and I even played Angry Birds every once in a while and looked up some Disney trivia on the WDW Trivia app (this was a good compliment to the Disney Cruise itself). While it was an adjustment not having a constant connection, it was good to not worry about plugging in the phone every night. I simply turned it off every night and back on again in the morning.

I think I may take a closer look at what apps are using the Internet connection going forward. While I enjoy the connectivity, I am not sure how much I need every notification, every location service, of even the wifi when I am not near a trusted source.

The interesting thing was when we returned...The phone was completely charged and turned off the night before we docked. The battery drained very quickly and needed to be recharged around 12 that day. Once it drained completely, the next charged last for about 2 days. Interesting, but I do wonder if it was conditioning or just some random success and drain...oh well, moving right along...

Happy battery life to you.

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