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Waiting for the Lion to Roar

Well, it is getting closer to the time when Apple will release their newest operating system, Lion. Most of the major tech news outlets are reporting that the new OS will be out some time this week. It may also bring with it some new hardware updates. While we just purchased a new MacBook Pro for myself, my wife is hanging on with the original MacBook Air. I would love to just upgrade that machine. However, with it being limited to only 2 GB of RAM and the video processor slowly not rendering YouTube videos well, I am not sure the MacBook Air will be in functional operation for much longer. So, the wait for Lion is where we stand...

We could just go and buy a new machine and be done with it. Snow Leopard works just fine. However, I hate being too far behind the most recent OS as the cool features are there. OK, I'll be honest, I only know what I read. I have no advanced copy of the software, but the features are intriguing. I am especially interested in the multi-touch gestures being available through out the system ( There have been many times I have tried to zoom into a picture on a web page and had to resort to saving it and zooming in through Preview or a full graphics editor. I am also interested in the updates to the Mail app ( Not that Mail doesn't currently have the features I would like. However, the additions of wide-screen layout, conversation threading, and the new formatting bar may make the app closer to a more streamlined user experience. Lastly, Mission Control just sounds fun. I tried to use Spaces a few times and could not get the hang of where I placed things. Since you can swipe and zoom within Mission Control, it will resemble more of a movie special effect than dragging and dropping will.

Now, I know I should wait to make sure all of my programs work with Lion. However, you know as well as I do that it will probably only take a day and one story on one of those other sites to encourage me to download Lion from the Mac App Store within 24 hours of its release. So, I want to take a few moments to offer a preemptive apology to my wife and family for the time they will be losing with my randomness as I update this new machine. I would also like to apologize for the rush to purchase a new machine for my wife once this OS is released.

Stop back to see how long I actually should be an interesting week...

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