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Going Gowalla and a Theme Park...


With so many apps out for you to tell everyone where you might be, I often wonder if you can find an app that tells you where you will be in the future. You have Facebook with Places, Foursquare, Gowalla, and a handful of others. Which one you choose usually depends on where your friends are. However, unless your friends are active on any of those sites and posting their location, it probably will not matter which one you choose at first.

Since I am a big supporter of that small entertainment company with a mouse as a corporate symbol, Gowalla seemed to be the logical choice. As I have used Gowalla, I am slowly learning that you can gather new acquaintances no matter which service you choose. It has been interesting checking-in to some places and not others. While there really hasn't been a tangible reward, it is cool to put a face with a name for others who have visited the same areas, especially when it comes to the theme parks.

Creating an account is easy, quick, and done right on the iPhone. With an updated iPhone interface, check-ins at each place became easier. Simply click on the Check-in button at the icon at the bottom and a location appears...if this is where you are, you are set...if it is not, simply click on the name of the place that did come up, and look for an alternative. You can even add a location if one has not been created. I have created my share of places. I have even received a "pin" for creating at least 10 spots.

An interesting feature on Gowalla is the ability to connect to many other services. You can send out a tweet, connect to Facebook, Foursquare, and even Tumblr and let all of your cloud-connected friends know more about you and the places you visit. You can choose just to check-in or post more about why you are there. You can even take a picture or a video of the place to show your friends the fun you are having...

While I have not been able to predict where I will be in the future, I know there are more places to visit from the trips that are now a part of my profile. I also know that others are out there doing something similar, creating locations and building trips. Until I can understand why I am sharing my location even when I am not on vacation, I will keep checking in...In the meantime, checkout Gowalla for yourself.


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