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Jambox by Jawbone is a great speaker for the size and function


Recently, I had the opportunity to review the Jambox by Jawbone. The device has been out for a some time, but the quality is consistently good. With the recent release of a larger model, the Jambox, big or small, provides a strong speaker for most situations. After having the Jambox for less than one day, I felt the need to hurry down to my local AT&T store here in Nashville and purchase my own device.

The device is available in black, white, blue, and grey. Most stores seem to stock the black or white ones, whereas the other can be found online. The Jambox is small, especially for the quality of sound it puts out. It measures around 6 inches in length and weighs in around 12 ounces. It can be easily carried in a laptop bag or by itself with or without the handy wrap-around case that is included.

This little speaker can connect to devices either through a 3.5 mm headphone jack or via Bluetooth. The device does include a stereo cable that will fit your iPhone, Samsung phone, Nokia Lumia, laptop, or any other device with a standard headphone jack. Music through the headphone jack sounds good at all volume levels. If you put your hand close to the speaker, you will be able to feel the bass.


The Bluetooth is easily paired with most devices by moving the On/Off switch all the way up, activating Bluetooth on the device, and selecting connect. Podcasts and music sound clear and rich at distances great than 50 feet as the source was moved around the house and the speaker stayed in one room.

The Jambox by Jawbone can also act as a speaker phone when paired with your smartphone or Bluetooth enable mobile device. With its built-in microphone, the Jambox provides a good alternative to older, non-duplex devices found in many offices. The call was loud and clear on both sides of the conversation.


The battery life is great. After an initial 2.5 hour charge, the Jawbone has lasted more than the advertised 10 hours of use. While the battery may need to be charged sooner for others who require louder music with stronger bass, this was more than enough for basic music and podcasts. If you have a iPhone, the battery meter shows in the upper right of the device. If you do not have an iPhone, simply press the talk button at the top when audio is not playing and the device will tell you how much battery life is left.


One last item that makes this device five stars is the MyTALK feature from Jawbone. Whether you are on Windows or Mac, simply plug in the device, open a web browser, and navigate to Here you can update your device with the most recent software, add other voices and personalities that talk with you when you use your device, or download additional dial apps.

The Jambox by Jawbone is a great device for someone looking for a strong, small speaker for everyday use. The louder the volume, the stronger the Jawbone seems.

Check out your local AT&T store where the device is $149.99, which is down from its MSRP of $199.99. Enjoy this wireless speaker with the music and device of your choice.


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