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Samsung Galaxy S III: Great Device with Great Features Part II


The Samsung Galaxy S III is an easy to use smartphone with fast speeds on 4G LTE networks, and plenty of storage options for photos, videos, and other files. This device is on all of the major cell carriers. For this review, only the AT&T version was tested. Pricing is similar across all carriers. The 16GB version is $199.99 with a two-year contract. AT&T offers the phone in blue and white for now with a red version appearing later this summer.

With AT&T expanding their 4G LTE coverage in the Nashville area, the connection was stable and rather amazing compared to 3G speeds and DSL wifi connections. Running speed tests on the 4G LTE network produced 15 Mbps down and 6-10 Mbps up. These numbers were unexpected given that on our home wifi over DSL, we only get 5 Mbps down and 472 Kbps up.


This speed was evident while browsing the web and connecting to Google resources such as Google Music. Streaming from Google Music and Pandora was seamless even while driving across the city from Franklin to Hendersonville, TN. The quality of the network continues to improve, especially with the 4G LTE addition to the area.

Navigating through the screens and apps is easy, especially if you are familiar with Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. The setting area on the Samsung Galaxy S III contained a few more options than most Android-based devices. Many of the gestures are disabled by default, so you will need to get familiar with the Motion settings to activate things like pressing the lock screen and turning the device 90 degrees to open the camera, flipping the phone over to mute a call, or starting a call while texting if you lift the phone to your face. These are all nice touches that will take some getting used to by most users.


While users don’t get Swype preinstalled, Samsung comes close with its only preloaded keyboard option. That is if you like Swype. You can still download Swype from the Google Play store. Or, you can turn off the option completely as I did by opening up the settings menu.

Lastly, the storage space on the AT&T phone is limited to the 16GB version. However, you can expand the storage another 32GB with a micro-SD card that is located next to the removable and replaceable battery. This is particularly handy if you plan on listening to music when not connected to the internet, watching movies, or storing documents and photos. While there are some good online storage companies with apps, such as Dropbox, it is always good to have files with you while traveling.


Part I of this review covered the screen size, web browsing, and camera. If you would like to see more, check out AT&T’s website or visit a store on or after July 6.

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