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Dual Experience Smartphone Pantech Flex on AT&T


The Pantech Flex is a solid, entry-level Android smartphone on AT&T with a fast processor and a choice of interfaces. Whether you choose the easy or standard experience, the Pantech Flex is a good value at $19.99 and a two-year agreement with AT&T.

With its release in September, the Pantech Flex came preloaded with the Android 4, Ice Cream Sandwich. While Pantech tweaked the UI somewhat, the enhancements to the operating system are evident and Pantech takes advantage of the dual-core Snapdragon 4 processor which can also be found in other, higher-end phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S III.

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Speaking of software, the user can choose between an easy interface or the standard Android experience. If you are used to Android and wish to take advantage of the improvements in the software, you will want to use the standard experience. If you are new to smartphones and wish to see some possibilities, the easy experience is the way to go.

The Easy experience offers quick access to key features, easy navigation, as well as large text and buttons. The standard experience allows full customizations Android has to offer, including widgets and shortcuts.
In standard experience mode, the back, home, and menu buttons are all on screen and part of the software. This placement may take a bit of adjustment if you are familiar with the illuminated button on the bottom of many Android smartphones. While they look the same, they are all on the actual screen like Android tablets.

As we move to the screen, we see a bright, 4.3-inch display area with a 960 X 540 resolution on a Super AMOLED screen. While not as large as some of the Samsung or newer LG options, the Pantech Flex feels comfortable to hold and use for standard smartphone tasks such as making a phone call, looking up information on the web, reading email, or enjoying a movie on Netflix.

There were only a few features that made it seem like a lower-cost device. The first is the call quality. While the calls stayed connected on the AT&T network here in Nashville, there was a little more of a distant sound on a few test calls. The second item is the camera. While it is an 8MP rear-facing camera, the pictures were not as clear on normal settings as other smartphones with the same camera rating. Lastly, the onscreen keyboard was a little crowded when accessing special characters or numbers. It wasn't bad, it was just different from other onscreen keyboards on other Android smartphones.

The Pantech Flex does come with a replaceable battery and a spot for a microSD card. While the battery life seemed good and would last through the normal day, the microSD card will be needed if you wish to add videos, music, or take pictures as there is only 8GB of internal storage on the device. This will be enough for apps and streaming music, but if you use the camera much, you’ll quickly use up the space.

Overall, this is a good phone for those looking to stay with the Android experience and looking for a thin (0.31 inches) and light (4.66 ounces) device on a fast LTE network. At $19.99 with a two-year contract, the Pantech Flex is a phone you may wish to check out at your local AT&T store. Enjoy the device.

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