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iSound makes portable power easy


The i.Sound backup battery brings 16,000 mAh of charging for up to 5 USB devices. It is available at many online retailers and in AT&T stores for $99 or less.

If you are looking for a portable device that can supply power to many devices at once, the i.Sound may be a good solution for you. The 16,000 mAh is a larger battery measuring around 5.75 inches in length and around 3.25 inches in width. So, it will take up some space in your bag.

The i.Sound is capable of completely charging an iPad 2 twice before running out of energy. After some testing, with at least three smartphones at 50% power, each device was fully charged within a short amount of time. The i.Sound seemed to charge a single device quicker than if many were connected.

The i.Sound can be turned on and off by a switch on the opposite end of the USB ports. This device also comes with a built in light to help in possible darker situations. On the same end is the battery indicator for the i.Sound itself.

Initial charging took a couple of hours. It was easy to tell how full the device was with the 5 led lights. As the device began to fill up, the blue led lights indicated how much more charging was needed to completely charge the i.Sound. While it is unclear as to how many charges this device will be able to take, it was effective for the handful of recharges during testing.

If you are in an area that suffers from power outages, or simply need a good alternative to carrying portable power with you on vacations, photo shoots, or other events where charging could be a challenge, check out the i.Sound 16,000 mAh. Many retailers, including AT&T stores in the Nashville area have this useful device in stock.

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