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BlackBerry Z10 interface and keyboard are a welcome update


The BlackBerry Z10 was recently released and provided a much-needed update to the BlackBerry line. The Z10 is available on AT&T for $199.99 with a new two-year agreement. If you are a business user who enjoys the BlackBerry ecosystem and are looking for clear calls on the AT&T network, this is a great update.


The BlackBerry Z10 has made some great jumps in a smartphone world that has evolved beyond email and tiny, plastic keyboards. With iOS, Android, and even Windows Phone making major interface changes to their devices, BlackBerry needed to make a more usable touch interface. The Z10 provides BlackBerry with some success as a solid phone and smart device.


The biggest change and upgrade is the operating system. The BlackBerry Z10 has only one button at the top to turn the device on and off. The rest of the navigation is gesture-based. It does take some time to get used to the gestures. However, upon turning on the device for the first time, you receive a tutorial on how to navigate through the system.


Swiping up can will wake the device or place an app into the active app screen. Swiping left will display your apps. While swiping right will bring you to the BlackBerry HUB as you pass the currently running apps screen. A downward swipe brings up system and app settings. All of these gestures may seem a little awkward at first. However, after using the device for a couple of days, it becomes very intuitive and very easy to understand the usability of the system.


One of the other onscreen changes is the keyboard. Like the Bold before it, the Z10 has an onscreen keyboard. They keys felt well spaced. With the larger 4.2-inch screen, BlackBerry even added the numeric keys to the top of the virtual keyboard. This was a welcome addition that saved some time as users do not have to press the shift button to see the numbers.

The BlackBerry Z10 keyboard also added some changes to how other phones predict text. The device will try to predict what words may be next and show them t above the rows of letters. You can flick the words up into what you are typing. If you have typed a good portion of the word, it will appear in the space bar at the bottom of the keyboard. Simply tapping the spacebar will place the word in the flow of your sentence. When entering Nashville, the entire word showed on the screen after typing “Nash.”

As users become more accustomed to the keyboard changes, texting and emailing will become much easier even when compared to other smartphone keyboards.

Stop by your local AT&T store to check out the new BlackBerry Z10. Further reviews can be read on the camera, keyboard, apps, and battery life.


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