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BlackBerry Z10 apps and battery usage


The BlackBerry Z10 was recently released and provided a much-needed update to the BlackBerry line. The Z10 is available on AT&T for $199.99 with a new two-year agreement. While the ecosystem is growing, the battery life is pretty good for a smartphone. This could be a nice upgrade for BlackBerry and corporate users.


The BlackBerry Z10 battery lasted throughout the day. After streaming music from Pandora, checking email, browsing the web, and making calls throughout the day, the Z10 had plenty of battery left into the evening hours. The 1800mAh battery is easily removed after taking off the plastic back. While it does not provide days of usage like previous BlackBerries, it is better or comparable to most modern smart phones.


The battery life can be affected by leaving on some of the additional network options, including NFC, which is built into the plastic back of the phone. Checking one exchange and one gMail account with Wi-Fi and AT&T’s cellular network produced quick delivery of messages while not negatively impacting the length of time the battery lasted over the day.

The BlackBerry Z10 comes with 16GB of space. This space is a little low if you wish to add media, pictures, or many apps. However, it can be easily expanded with a microSD card located in the battery compartment. The Z10 only accepts cards up to 32GB. Swapping out the microSD card required removing the back. This ended up shutting down the phone most of the time. It was also noticed that movies and music were recognized on the card only after a complete shutdown and restart.


Opening the BlackBerry World app produced a surprising number of apps, music, and movies. It even contained a newsstand with magazines and newspapers. The ecosystem is still growing, so even though streaming Pandora is possible, it needed to be done through a third-party app. However, ESPN, USA Today, and even TuneIn Radio were available for download.


The more impressive part of the apps on the BlackBerry were the built-in apps. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn were all preinstalled on the phone. It was very easy to sign in and read through the content streams. Dropbox and Box were also included. The Dropbox interface was built for the BlackBerry and felt comfortable to use. Using the FileManager app on the Z10, you could copy or move files to and from your Dropbox account right on your phone. This proved nice for pictures captured through the BlackBerry Z10 camera.

Stop by your local AT&T store to check out the new BlackBerry Z10. Further reviews can be read on the interface, keyboard, camera, and display.

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