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Samsung Galaxy Mega is larger than large

Samsung-Galaxy-Mega-on-150x144 Samsung-Galaxy-Mega-on-top-of-box-150x141 Samsung-Galaxy-Mega-side-view-150x135

The Samsung Galaxy Mega is a small tablet with phone capabilities. With a few terms being tossed around for a phone this size, the Mega makes a decent alternative for those looking to save some money only buying one device. The device is available now on AT&T for $149.99 with a 2-year contract.

Samsung-Galaxy-Mega-media-150x84 Samsung-Galaxy-Mega-home-screen-150x84 Samsung-Galaxy-Mega-web-browser-150x137

The 6.3-inch screen is large enough to watch movies and browse the web comfortably. While the size is there, the resolution of the TFT LCD is under a 1080p resolution, falling in at 1280 X 720. For most people, this will be fine. For those looking for the crispest quality of an S4 or iPhone, you may wish to test the device first to decide if the resolution will be good enough.

The Samsung Galaxy Mega is fast enough for your basic smartphone functions, but the 1.7 GHz Qualcomm dual-core processor and 1.5 GB of RAM make it slower than Samsung’s own S4. Most users will probably not notice too much of a difference. If you are into gaming or graphic rich applications, the results become more apparent.


The Mega comes with Android 4.2, Jelly Bean. Samsung does layer on its own interface options, adding more and more to the configurability. For those who wish to configure their device with every function and more, this may be a great option. For those who get lost in the menu, you’ll want to stick with the quick settings options.

Samsung-Galaxy-Mega-back-open-150x70 Samsung-Galaxy-Mega-back-with-case-open-150x122

The battery life was very good. The 3200mAh battery lasted about 4 days with moderate internet, email, and app usage and little talk time. Even with this stellar length, turning off NFC seemed to boost the length of time even longer. The battery is removable by removing the back cover. This is helpful is you will be using the device regularly and are one of those who may forget to plug in the device.

Samsung-Galaxy-Mega-top-box-150x130 Samsung-Galaxy-Mega-camera-options-150x84

The camera is mediocre at best. With an 8MP camera and a very large screen, the Samsung Galaxy Mega seemed a little awkward to use daily as a camera. The pictures were decent, but not as good as the higher MP cameras on newer devices. Some photos appeared washed out in bright sun and low-light pictures were a bit grainy. The big advantage of this device really is the screen size, which provides a good area to use to frame up your pictures.

The Mega on AT&T comes with 16GB of internal space. If you find yourself adding more videos, pictures, or apps, the storage can be expanded with a microSD card up to 64GB. Using the Mega as a small tablet would allow you to carry multiple cards with more media to enjoy on the device.


The phone call quality on the Mega was pretty good on the device. The calls were crisp and even seemed to filter out some of the surrounding noise when using the handset itself. Connected to a Bluetooth speaker, the calls sounded clear as well. This was an unexpected positive for a device of this size and design.

Samsung-Galaxy-Mega-home-screen-portratit-150x137 Samsung-Galaxy-Mega-airview-150x120

If you enjoy some of the extras Samsung adds to their devices, the Mega delivers on some of these features. If you are interested in running simple tasks by speaking them, the Mega has S Voice built in. Another feature on the Mega is the ability to view additional information by hovering your finger over areas of the screen when Air View is activated. With the 6.3-inch screen, the Samsung Galaxy Mega is also about to run two applications on the current screen at the same. This was a nice feature and activated through Multi Window.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Mega is a decent device for those who wish to use a smaller tablet, but have the functionality of phone close to them. It may be more suited to fit into a bag, briefcase, or purse rather than a pocket, but may be better than purchasing two devices for some. Stop by your local AT&T store to try out the device, or stop by the online store for more details.

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