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Crayola DigiTools deluxe pack is a fun gift idea


The Crayola DigiTools deluxe pack is a great gift idea for young and the young-at-heart. With drawing tools, apps, and templates, the Crayola DigiTools deluxe pack is a good companion to the iPad. It is available through many retailers including Verizon for $39.99.


While the iPad is not included, the pack includes:

  • Clip-On Carrying Case
  • Digital Crayon
  • Digital Airbrush
  • Digital 3-D Tool
  • Digital Stamper
  • 3-D Glasses
Navigate to the App Store and search for Crayola. A series of apps will be among the first to appear. There are many applications from Crayola, but the first three or so work best with this pack. Instructions for downloading are also included with the pack.

You’ll need the Digital Stamper to activate certain features in each app, so make sure you keep track of it. The Stamper also allows you to add simple graphics and shapes to your drawing without needing to draw every detail yourself.


DigiTools Effects allows you or your child to color and create pictures using the crayon. With a series of backgrounds, and coloring pages, consumers can enjoy some of the simple aspects of coloring without the mess or luck of losing crayons. You can change colors and mix the technique using different tools built in the app.

DigiTools-Airbrush-300x225 DigiTools-Airbrush-layout-300x225

DigiTools Airbrush uses the Airbrush tool to bring the joys of playing with an airbrush without the mess or staining. The tool worked well with the iPads and iPad mini with no challenges in maintaining the airbrushing effects. You can start with a solid color background or a themed one where your imagination fills in the missing pieces.

DigiTools-3D-300x225 DigiTools-3D-layout-300x225

DigitTools 3-D is a fun app that takes advantage of the 3-D tool and the 3-D glasses. It provides opportunities to create or enhance drawings with a little touch of 3-D. The glasses were designed for children. However, don’t let that stop your drawing potential.


All in all, the Crayola DigiTools deluxe pack is a fun item that provides entertainment for children and adults. As part of Verizon’s push to providing wireless solutions for every lifestyle, the Crayola DigiTools deluxe pack can be found on Verizon’s website and through various resources. Enjoy the flashback to coloring and creation.

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