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JBL Flip is a nice sounding Bluetooth portable speaker


Bluetooth speakers have been getting better and better these days. Since the Jambox brought portable size with great sound, other Bluetooth speakers have been trying to reach and maintain that quality. The JBL Flip may be a good choice for those who like a smaller size speaker with not too much base.


Connecting to the device is pretty easy, you can press the power button once, then press it again, but hold it in for a few seconds. Activate Bluetooth on your device and select the JBL Flip. The two should connect instantly. To turn off the JBL Flip, simply push the power button in. Do not hold the button, as it will go into pairing mode again.

Playing a good mix of music provided a great sound out of the JBL Flip. It stayed connected even while walking around with the connected phone and the device sitting on an office desk in another room. The connection seemed rather positive when the phone was brought upstairs and the sound continued to stream loudly through walls, doors, and floors.


The JBL Flip is not meant to stay lying down. You can stand up the device and the sound is just as good. The unit seems to perform better on the treble side compared with deeper base songs. While it may not be a big deal for most people, it is something to consider if you are particular about your lower beats.


If you are going to plug it in, the unit does come with a rather large charger. This is different than using a microUSB like other portable Bluetooth speakers. While this was a little distracting for charging, you may not need to plug it in every day if you don’t use it constantly. The JBL Flip has a five-hour battery life with consistent play.

The JBL Flip can also be used as a speakerphone. Testing was done through an iOS device calling other phones, with FaceTime, and Skype. The sound from the JBL Flip was clear. It was evident for the party on the other end of the conversation that a speakerphone was being used.


There is a phone button as well on the JBL Flip. Connected to an iOS device and pressing the button activates Siri. Looking up weather and calling a contact was the same as if we pressed the home button on the device itself. There was no way of cancelling Siri from the JBL Flip, but this was a nice addition on an affordable device.

JBL-Flip-in-box-300x269 JBL-Flip-with-accessories-all-300x169

The JBL Flip does come with a nice travel case to protect the unit as you carry it around. It is available at AT&T stores and other retailers for around $100 and in three colors, black, white, and red. If you can wait a little while longer, the Flip 2 was announced at CES.

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