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Netflix for Wii Arriving...

Dear John letters have been identified with not so happy events. However, when your name is John, you are left with few alternatives. When the following email arrived today, disappointment, despair, and downtrodden were not among the words I used to describe my excitement, my enthusiasm, my elation with this one little disc.

Dear John,

Your free instant streaming disc for Wii should arrive by Saturday, Mar 27, 2010.
Meanwhile, add movies & TV episodes to your instant Queue now so you're ready to watch instantly when your instant streaming disc arrives.

-Your friends at Netflix

I know, I know, there are so many other ways to watch Netflix these days. Our Blu-ray player has a built-in Netflix streaming widget, our computers have Netflix available, and even the portable dvd players can play the movies we get through the physical mailings. However, this puts movie streaming on a device that the kids use and understand. We don't need to turn on the tv, turn on the Blu-ray player, switch the input settings, turn on the receiver, and navigate through the Blu-ray player menu on through to the Netflix queue...instead, it is truly me hope that we put in the disc, the kids use the Wii-mote to find the disc in the machine and find the movie of their choice.

Since the queue is meant mostly for the children, there are no inappropriate movies for them to view. In fact, that is one of those things that we like about the queue...we can add or take away the movies that are a bit too much for the children without worrying about what else they are browsing. While we have enjoyed the search capabilities within Windows Media Center, this one point has kept us from allowing our children to operate this streaming feature without us.

Here's to some experimenting and connecting to the wonderful streaming capabilities of Netflix and the Wii...tune in tomorrow when we are sure to be at least slightly less enthusiastic...only slightly less, we hope...

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