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Alternative Uses for Your HP Touchpad Money

So, in case you didn't hear, the HP Touchpad went on a bit of a fire sale this weekend. HP, in their divine wisdom, decided after only a couple of months on the market, and only one year after purchasing WebOS, to put the Touchpad and all like it out to pasture. Instead of taking the returns from retailers, HP also decided that it would lower the price to $99 (16GB) and $149 (32GB). Apparently, this also means that people who were not going to purchases such an item for $299, $399, $499, or $599 (depending on when over the last couple of months you may have considered it), decided they could use one. And, if you read some of the tech news sights, commenters have indicated they thought about or bought more than one...just to have around the house.

As much as I enjoy gadgets, I am not sure we have many that just lay around the house, especially if they do cost $100 or more. Don't get me wrong, I thought about getting one to use, let the kids use, or even to give my mother for Skype calls. However, I was not going to just let it sit, nor was I going to join any semblance of a mob to get one. Over the last couple of days, if we would pass a store that would carry them, we would look and ask. Each store commented the same, "we sold them all this morning..."

On the third store we came across, I began to look around at other items as I usually do and began to think about the other items on which I really didn't want to spend that same amount of money...I also began to target other items I thought about purchasing for the same amount. These items were still on the shelves. No one was giving up on them. In fact, the Iomega series of hard drivesir I have had my eye on were still collecting dust over in aisle two. They were about the same amount. I thought of the inkjet printerir that went on sale...under $100...the Apple Magic Trackpadir I just purchase, under $100...and, I use it everyday. Speaking of Apple, I have been wanting another Apple TVir for the living room since the Sony Blu-rayir is not the greatest Netflix player and Apple just added the ability to watch previously purchased tv shows on the device without connecting to a computer...oh, and, the Blu-Ray player was around $100 at Sam's Club and so was a Vizio Blu Rayir player, both with apps and 3D...and, the best part, they are all getting updates and supported by their parent company.
As I rounded the corner of thought and perplexation, I began to feel cheated by the gadget world. A device as advanced as the Touchpad, no matter how poorly implemented or marketed should not be left for dead. It should not be deserted by it's step-parent. So, I would like to apologize for HP and their change in direction, change in focus, change in understanding that...wait a minute, maybe HP was looking for cheaper marketing, or perhaps wanted to see what the true cost of entry was to unseat Apple's iPad...maybe, they just made the whole thing up...maybe, we will all wake up and find only a few hundred thousand people got great deals and HP is going to release another tablet at the magic price point...maybe...

Well, thing probably will not work out that way. Things will probably continue as planned with that slowly dying, slightly hurtful WebOS world. In the meantime, I will reflect on the extra $100+ dollars I kept and put it toward streaming Netflix for the next year...

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