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Mac Flashback infections lowered to 140,000 after patches

It has been a couple of weeks since the first reports of the Flashback malware surfaced. Even after multiple patches and solutions, Symantec is still showing around 140,000 Macs infected with the malware. This is down from over 650,000 before the patches. In their post, Symantec shares that “one of the new features of the Trojan is that it can now retrieve updated [Command and Control] locations through Twitter posts by searching for specific hashtags generated by the OSX.Flashback.K hashtag algorithm."


Over the last week Apple has released a handful of patches to address the vulnerability for OS X 10.7.X and 10.6.X. With one patch covering those machines that did not have Java installed at all. In an Apple support article dated 4-14-2012, Apple addresses what they have and will continue to do to take care of the malware. Apple also advises those running OS X 10.5 or below should disable Java itself.

The drop in infected machines is encouraging, but does not clean things up completely. Symantec is encouraging users to use the Norton Flashback Detection and Removal Tool. Apple is still requesting users to run Software Update. If you have not done so already, protect and disinfect your machine.

If you are using Microsoft Office on your Mac, you may also want to make sure your Microsoft programs are updated as well. Securelist is reporting that an older virus know asLuckyCat may be making the rounds again through Word documents. These attacks seem to be more targeted, but not much else is known. So, stay alert and do not open any unfamiliar documents.

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