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Apple introduces iPhone business section to website

On Friday, April 21st, Apple initiated a new section to it’s website labeled iPhone in Business. This area is broken down into five different categories: iPhone at Work, Integration, Apps for Business, Profiles and Resources. Each have a unique way of showing businesses how the iPhone is the tool employees need.

The iPhone at Work page showcases the many ways the iPhone can be used every day at work. From managing tasks to keeping in touch and staying connected, Apple provides tips and videos on how the iPhone can be the device that makes work life easier.

Integration provides a piece of mind for users and security-conscious administrators on the safety of connecting iPhones to corporate servers. Apple shares how seamlessly iPhones can connect to Microsoft Exchange and standards-based servers for email, calendar and contacts. This page is a little less interactive that the iPhone at Work page. However, two pdfs are provided to demonstrate deployment scenarios and a security overview for those interested in the details.

Apps for Business shares recommendations for using iPhones to access documents, connect to corporate files, and share media from desktop computers. Product-related companies such as Citrix, Salesforce, Cisco and Oracle offer apps that enable a seamless connect with systems already in the office. If the apps provided by other companies don’t meet the need, Apple has provided a general and detailed overview on developing in-house apps as well.


The Profiles page contains businesses, big and small, that use the iPhone within their corporate structure. Lowes and Safe/Sea Marine Rescue are two companies featured at the top of the page. However, scroll down and read the profiles of the other organizations. From banks to police departments, Apple creates compelling storylines that reinforce the iPhone’s importance in each business. Check out the Kids Crooked House profile for a smile and a business tip.

The Resources page is full of tools and references used to successfully deploy not only the iPhone in your business, but also any iOS device. From overviews to deployment guides, this is where to send those IT gurus trying to meet the needs of a business and its users.

This will go a long way to help Apple push ahead of RIM in business world. It could also be great timing as enterprise IT departments are still waiting for new Windows 8 tablets.

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