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Best Buy Lowers Mac Prices

Best Buy put all Mac laptops and desktops on sale yesterday, Sunday May 13, 2012. Discounts range from $31 on Mac Minis to $280 on Mac Pros.

While Best Buy does discount their stock from time to time, the current discounts seem to be greater than previous weeks, especially on the laptop models. This sale appears to be online as well as in stores.

A quick look at online inventory in some of the Nashville Best Buy stores shows some models are out of stock already and a 3-5 day pick up time at other locations. You may wish to check out pricing and availability online before heading over to the store.

Cult of Mac and Engadget believe these discounts may be in preparation for updates to the Mac hardware prior to Appleā€™s WWDC event that takes place June 11-15. Many of these models are due for their yearly or twice-yearly update, so Best Buy may be trying to get ahead of the curve by selling off some of the soon to be older inventory.

If you are in the market for a new machine, check out the sale prices at your local Best Buy. While you may not get the newer Ivy Bridge processor that is expected to be in the newer machines, you will get a strong computer that will last.

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