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Gifts for the last minute shoppers

For those of you who waited until today before venturing out to finish or start your holiday shopping, stop by your local AT&T store for some ideas and purchases. Besides having some good deals on tablets and phones, AT&T will have some accessories to help the tech-enthused and average smartphone user.

If you are looking for a tablet and a phone, customers can receive a free 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 with the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, or Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The free tablet requires a two-year agreement or AT&T Next installment agreement.

Customers can also receive a minimum of $100 on a promotion card when they trade in any eligible smartphone and buy a new smartphone with AT&T Next. The card can be used to purchase a connected tablet, accessory, or even make a payment on your wireless service bill.

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Technology gift ideas from Verizon

Have you waited too long to start your shopping? Are you looking for some ideas before hitting the stores one last time? Consider stopping by a local Verizon store. Whether you’re a parent, teen, or anywhere in between, technology gifts might be just around the corner.

While supplies and availability may vary by location, ideas for complete or partial gifts may arise while you are at the store. Verizon has a variety of tablets, headphones, activity trackers, and smartphone cases for the masses.
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Amazon updates video streaming app for iOS


Amazon issued an update to their iOS app that allows users with a number of updates. The biggest news is the ability to Airplay content from the app to an Apple TV. Previously, users could only send the audio to the Apple TV. With this update, users can wirelessly stream audio and video from an iOS device to an Apple TV.

The Amazon Instant Video app allows customers to watch videos purchased from Amazon on their iOS device. While all videos must be purchased through a web browser and not through the app, Amazon does allow free streaming of over 40,000 videos to their Amazon Prime customers without purchase or additional cost.

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iOS App Store offering last compatible versions for download


As Apple prepares for the next update to iOS, users are noticing that older devices are being offered an alternative when trying to download apps that are not compatible with those devices. This is the first time Apple has allowed previous versions of apps to be downloaded. If an app was updated, users had to maintain copies of older apps if they ever needed to reinstall them and an updated app was added to the Apple App Store.

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AT&T adds jobs in Tennessee


AT&T announced new jobs are coming to Tennessee. This focus will bring nearly 200 positions and 100 new jobs to the state. AT&T currently employs more than 5,400 employees in Tennessee, and hired more than 450 people across the state in the first half of this year.

AT&T is hiring full and part-time employees in customer support, retail and U-verse premise technician positions. The company plans to begin filling these positions immediately. Both full and part-time roles are a part of this plan. New jobs with benefits will help some in the area find a new career, add income, or develop a skills.

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Bonnaroo app from AT&T puts you in the middle of the music

Bonnaroo-app-150x106 Bonnaroo-app-menu-150x106

The Bonnaroo app powered by AT&T is a great way to be a part of the action whether you are attending the music and art festival or you are just a fan. With a schedule of events, maps of the area, the ability to watch or listen to some of your favorite bands while sharing the fun with your friends, the app puts you right in the middle of the music.

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AT&T connects fans with the 2013 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival


Photo Courtesy of A&T Wireless

Starting June 13 and running until June 16, the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival will take place in Manchester, TN. As the exclusive communication partner for the event, AT&T has dedicated enhanced network resources and sponsored the official Bonnaroo Festival mobile application.

With the addition of Cell sites on Wheels, or MegaCOWs, as well as CARTS, and multi-beam antennas, AT&T is set to provide a steady experience for those who will be attending the event. Mobile cell sites, covering several musical stages, will provide additional wireless coverage and capacity ensuring that music fans are able to share their experiences others not at the event.

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Apple celebrates 50 billion App Store downloads


Apple website screenshot

Apple shared through its homepage and on a separate App Store countdown page today, May 15, that is has reached 50 billion app downloads. Details of the person who downloaded the milestone app have not been shared yet. However, Apple indicates the prize winner will be announced soon.

The winner will receive a $10,000 App Store gift card to spend on many more apps. Given the affordability of most apps, the $10,000 will go a long way to reaching the next app download milestone.

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EA offering free game for those suffering SimCity problems


In an effort to gain back some goodwill lost after numerous challenges with the newest version of SimCity, Electronic Arts shared they will offer a free PC download from the EA portfolio. With servers crashing, game play being less than usable, and features being taken offline, the debut of the new game has been challenging at best.

For those who have activated their game, an email should arrive around March 18 explaining how to redeem their free EA game. While EA has increased server capacity by 120 percent and those who were prevented from building cities has dropped by 80 percent, EA still does not have a permanent fix for their challenges.
Maxis General Manager, Lucy Bradshaw, indicated in her post that many more people logged into the game than they expected. She also indicated that game owners were playing in ways much different than their testing.

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Microsoft Surface Pro sells out


Courtesy of Microsoft, Inc.

Yesterday, February 9, Microsoft announced the release of the new Surface Pro and, in the same post, shared that the 128GB model had sold out across most of its retail outlets. Microsoft indicated that “customer response to the launch of Surface Pro has been amazing” and they are working to replenish supplies as quickly as possible.

The 64GB model seems to be available at many Best Buy and Staples locations as well as Microsoft retail stores. It is the larger, more expense model that is showing out of stock. Many Microsoft enthusiasts reported there were a limited number of units at their local stores, making it difficult to obtain the higher-end machine.

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